Saturday, September 30, 2006


The past two weeks have been learning experiences for me. First, John recently got a flat screen for his computer. I really wanted one, but cannot afford it right now. Second, my desk had my work computer on it, with a flat screen plus my own person PC, with a huge computer monitor, that took up a third of the rolltop desk. John mentioned I could get a switch to use the same monitor between both computers. I got one, and I love it. I found this also enables me to share the keyboard and mouse and speakers. I love having 12 of my desk free to be able to work on!

This past weekend we had Katie and her boyfriend John here, we invited them to dinner. I got under the sink for some reason, and discovered there was a puddle of water under there again, with slugs having a little party. I have no idea where the slugs came from, in the middle of the house. This was the sink we had just had fixed several months ago, and were hoping it wasn't the new mucho $$$ pipes that were leaking. We had dinner, and after the kids had left, I took everything out AGAIN, and I determined that it was the disposal, that was about 3 years old, that had water leaking out the side. I told John, since he has such a hard time with his tall frame getting under that sink, I would do what needed to be done. The next day we went and purchased a new super dooper disposal. It seems amazing that our first one lasted 24 years and the second 3 years. Anyway, I took all the hardware off under the sink. and we got the old one down. John put the old cord on the new disposal (they don't come with cords), and after I had installed the new hardware we were trying to put it up together. You just hook it on the bracket and turn this metal piece and it is installed. Well, finally I told him I would try myself, and go away. I got it installed. Previous to this, he told me he didn't need the instructions. So we did the first load
of the dishwasher which had been out of commision for 3 days because everything was unhooked.

John called me out to the kitchen and told me that something was wrong, the water for the dishwasher was coming out the overflow section on top of the sink. I told him that I hooked everything up just like it came off. He then said there must be a plug to punch out for the dishwasher hookup (this was in the instructions he didn't need to read). We punched it out, and low and behold that was the problem. I had little leakage up at the top, so he asked me what way I turned the metal piece, and I told him right. He didn't think that was correct, and did it the other way. (I looked at the directions and it said turn to the right, so I fixed it again).

Anyway, I learned I can have 1 monitor for two computers. I learned how to install a disposal.


Ms. Jan said...

You go girl!!

Susan said...

It's great to be self-reliant, isn't it! And know how to read the directions. =)