Thursday, April 05, 2007


Monday, April 2, 2007, I went over to Kristen's house to watch the 3 grandchildren while Kristen did some Easter shopping. Before I got there, Kyleigh had a made a list of what we could do.

Jaeger's apparently told her "I do not no"

Kyleigh's list as you can see was detailed, the spelling was her sounding things out, part of the things I cannot read myself, and even she when pressed forgot what she wrote, but included:
1. Hlethey snack.
2. Play Dowy (doh)
3. ?
4. Pichr time (drawing)
5. Art
6. Go out siede
7. Cat.
8. Mall
9. Ticktacktow
10. Play grond
11. Rid biks
12. Flower time

Due to both her brothers napping when I got there, she elected to play with the Play Doh, which Jaeger wanted to do too when he got up, and they did that until Kristen got home.

Little Keaton I think woke up too soon, was not feeling well, and it took all my attempts to
keep him happy until Kristen got home. In changing his diaper now, it is like trying to change
a monkey he is so quick in rolling over.

Last week John finished the toy cabinet he had built for our house to store the toys and games in.