Monday, December 31, 2007


Would like to take this opportunity early to wish you all a Happy New Year, and the best in 2008.

Grandchildren Kyleigh and Jaeger are coming over this afternoon, and will be spending the night, as Kristen and Jeff are having a party tonight. So we will have our own fun.

I am not one for resolutions, but I do have some goals for 2008:

  1. I have joined a group Susan Nixon introduced me to, called Stash 4 Pounds, and it involves winning CQ stash for your weight loss. This sounded like a great incentive for me to lose much needed weight.
  2. Another goal I have is of getting back into my artistic side. I recently took a class from Patricia Dibona on the Joggles website called Pollage, which I highly enjoyed, which involved painting a canvas, and adding various collage elements. I plan to start another blog for my artwork shortly. I made 3 canvases, which right now can be seen on my blog, a French-themed one for my sister, a fairy one for Kristen, and a frog one for Katie.
  3. I plan to take part in Sharon B's Take it Further Challenge.
  4. I plan on finishing up some of my WISPs (Works in Slow Progress).
  5. I plan on getting more of my scrapbooks/albums in order.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wishing you and your families the best of Holidays!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Today is Jaeger's 5th birthday. There is a big day planned, with a party with his little friend's at John's Incredible Pizza, and later on in the afternoon, a get together with family members at Leatherby's ice cream parlor.

This is my good buddy who is always ready to come to Gramma's house, and very disappointed if they drive by my street, and he doesn't get to stop, and upset if I am spending time with Kyleigh and he doesn't get a chance.

I have always told him he is my very special boy (especially before Keaton was born). When he was around 2-3 he kept telling Kristen "Gramma is my special boy", (getting the words messed up).

When taking pictures, he is always a poser, he will keep striking poses like this one and as if he is a model.

Jaeger is always ready to come to my house, and always ready to play with my pirate Lego ship, and island,
or games, or puzzles. He is a cookie monster, and a lover of root beer.

Saturday night, I watched him and Keaton while Kristen was attending Kyleigh's gymnastics competition, and we had a great time watching Home Alone and some great laughs. I always enjoy my time with him.

And he is always ready to visit with Papa John, can sit entranced while John plays one of his video games, and tells everyone that his Papa is building him a sailboat. John has the roof on the sailboat now, the hatch cover done. Jaeger always is interested in the sailboat's progress when he comes over.

And he is my Very Special Boy (#1)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEGER!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

You Are Christmas

More than most people, you are able to find magic in life's small moments.
Traditions mean a lot to you, and you tend to be quite nostalgic.
You are a giving, kind person who really understands the true meaning of holidays.
You inspire others to be as altruistic and caring as you are.

What makes you celebrate: Tradition and a generous spirit

At holiday get togethers, you do best as: The storyteller. You like to recount memories with everyone.

On a holiday, you're the one most likely to: Give a gift to everyone you know

Monday, December 03, 2007


This nativity scene, my mother in law over 30 years ago painted for us. The pride of my Christmas collection.

I actually had most all of my Christmas decorations up last weekend, I wanted to have it done before Kyleigh and Jaeger got home from Disneyland. This was actually one of my very first quilts, I love the primitive quilts and I love applique. This was from a book called Christmas or Not by Gerry Kimmel, Linda Brannock, and Jan Patel. I had to do the feathers over twice I think.

The bit of the angel quilt you can see, is from the same book and is called Joy. The wreath below that I painted in a watercolor class one year. The Christmas bottle quilt, my secret sister a long time ago, Susan Nixon made for me. The deacon's bench to the left side John made, and also the one you can barely see on the right side.

The Santa sitting under the piano, and the one in the background, I painted both of those. On the piano are a angel doll holding a wreath, and a little elf guy, and I made those. There is also a snowman sitting where the keys would be on the piano, and I made that guy too.

Here is another quilt I made, plus I made the Grandma and Grandpa porcelain dolls in the background, and some little cloth angel dolls sitting on the pillows.

This is another one of the primitive quilts and also one of the first I made. It was from a book by Gerry Kimmel called Plaza Trees.

This is part of my little village, and my seaside village. I had to put the rocks in the ocean back from the edge because Keaton saw them and tried to pop them in his mouth.

The stockings were hung, and the nutcrackers out...

More of the Christmas seaside village on another table. Since John sold the pool table this year, where I usually placed my villages, I have had to scramble around to find tables. The stained glass in the background window John commissioned for me one Christmas, it is a whale diving under the water. The buffet at the right hand side John made for me.