Monday, December 10, 2007


Today is Jaeger's 5th birthday. There is a big day planned, with a party with his little friend's at John's Incredible Pizza, and later on in the afternoon, a get together with family members at Leatherby's ice cream parlor.

This is my good buddy who is always ready to come to Gramma's house, and very disappointed if they drive by my street, and he doesn't get to stop, and upset if I am spending time with Kyleigh and he doesn't get a chance.

I have always told him he is my very special boy (especially before Keaton was born). When he was around 2-3 he kept telling Kristen "Gramma is my special boy", (getting the words messed up).

When taking pictures, he is always a poser, he will keep striking poses like this one and as if he is a model.

Jaeger is always ready to come to my house, and always ready to play with my pirate Lego ship, and island,
or games, or puzzles. He is a cookie monster, and a lover of root beer.

Saturday night, I watched him and Keaton while Kristen was attending Kyleigh's gymnastics competition, and we had a great time watching Home Alone and some great laughs. I always enjoy my time with him.

And he is always ready to visit with Papa John, can sit entranced while John plays one of his video games, and tells everyone that his Papa is building him a sailboat. John has the roof on the sailboat now, the hatch cover done. Jaeger always is interested in the sailboat's progress when he comes over.

And he is my Very Special Boy (#1)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAEGER!

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Susan said...

What a darling boy he is! It seems so hard to believe this is his 5th birthday already! The years keep going, don't they? Happy birthday to Jaeger!