Friday, November 23, 2007


We had a rather quiet Thanksgiving this year, as Kristen, Jeff, Kyleigh, Jaeger and Keaton are in Southern California. They have been to visit my sister Mary, and Legoland. They spent Thanksgiving with John's mother, Ada Hurd, and visited Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo, and took a 4 vesssel tour of San Diego Bay, touring the Star of India, an aircraft carrier, a Russian submarine, and the ship from Master and Commander. Jaeger was in his prime on that tour, and had to call Papa John and told him everything he had seen. Jaeger was also impressed with all that Grammy has had to shown him, and was particularly entranced with the tool she uses to pick things up off the floor.

The family next heads up to Disneyland to spend a few days before heading home on Wednesday.

Gramma Karrin is really missing her favorite little people, and we have a gingerbread house to make when they get back.

So Thanksgiving this year was spent with just the four of us, John, Karrin, Katie, and John Centers. Katie and John got an engagement ring almost 2 weeks ago, so that is exciting news!

Sunday, November 11, 2007


My birthday falls in October, and my daughters wondered what I would like. Kristen found a wonderful photographer that did her wedding, and also around Father's Day had taken some wonderful pictures of her and the children for Jeff's gift. The photographer, Cindy Sullivan, lives about 10 minutes from me, and takes some wonderful pictures in areas around on her property. I told Kristen, that was what I would like a photo session of the entire family.

The few days before our Saturday photo session had been raining, and had even rained the day before, and I was worried we would have to postpone our session. But even though it was overcast in the morning, we turned out to have a wonderful day to take pictures. Cindy ended up taking 307 pictures! She puts them all on a CD so you can print up your own, or take it to someone. She also gives you 6x4 inch copies of all of them. John brought his guitar along as a "prop". We all love hearing him play, and it is part of our life. The ones where Keaton appears to be clapping a lot, we were having to sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" to get him to cooperate. Jaeger is a ham, and is making funny faces or expressions in a lot of them. I am thrilled with the results,even most of my pictures I don't look too bad. Right before we went to take the ones of me and the grandkids, I apparently stepped in some dog droppings, so Cindy's husband went off to clean my shoes off, the only bad part of the day. Cindy had these pictures back to us in less than a week, I have just not had time to post them. So these beautiful pictures are thanks to my 2 daughters.

Karrin, Kristen and Katie

Keaton, Kyleigh and Jaeger

Jeff, Kristen and family

Kristen and Jeff

Kyleigh 7 years

Jaeger 4-1/2 years

Keaton 1 year, had just turned 1, 11 days before this session.

Katie and John

Papa John, Gramma Karrin and Kids

John and Karrin