Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Last Friday, September 15th, I had been invited to the retirement party of one of my physicians that I have transcribed for the past 20 years. He is retiring from neurology after 40 years of practice. It was sort of a bittersweet experience, I am happy for him and his retirement, but sad for myself for the loss of income. It was good to see his old office manager, and my old friends from their previous office. Him and his partners had recently merged with the Sutter Neuroscience Group in Sacramento, and while their old personnel mostly works there too, it is such a huge office, I rarely see them. The party was at the Sterling Hotel in Sacramento, and it was a nice party.

On Wednesday, Kristen had called and asked what I was doing on Friday night. I explained that John and I were attending the retirement party, but it was over at 6:30. She asked if I wanted to go to an Elton John concert at 8. After talking with John, and determining he did not want to attend, I happily agreed. It seems a friend of ours had purchased tickets, and found they were up in the higher seats, and then purchased closer seats on the floor of Arco Arena. So Kristen, Robin, her friend, and I attended the Elton John concert.

So John rushed me home from the retirement party, and I went over and joined Kristen and Robin for the ride back to Sacramento. The concert was excellent. Elton played almost 3 straight hours, some of the songs were longer versions of the usual, and we loved it. It was quite an exciting experience, and such a surprise. Kristen ended up purchasing the tickets and told me mine was for my birthday in October.


Ms. Jan said...

What a great birthday gift!! Lucky you!

Susan said...

What a fabulous, fun night you had. I still like listening to Elton John.