Saturday, July 29, 2006


Thought I would post the newest pictures of my special little people.

Kyleigh Grayce Boatwright will be 6 years old August 17th. She is quite the artist.

She goes to art classes one day a week, has since she was 3 years old. You can see her art posted on the web at:

The big thing is, this year she was old enough to enter some things in the fair. Kristen entered 5 of Kyleigh's art pieces she had done in class. She apparently got a first, 3 seconds, and we don't know yet about the 5th one. I get to attend the special ceremony in a couple of weeks for this. Last week she attended art camp called art of Africa, and she had some outstanding pieces, I am going to post below.

Jaeger Montie John Boatwright is 3-1/2 and still in love with trains, cars, and pirates. He loves the Lego pirate ship at Gramma's house, and the Treasure Island, although he has taken a bunch of it apart again, and Gramma is going to have to get the instructions back out to put it together. He tells everyone "Gramma's my special boy", meaning he is Gramma's special boy. Last week, Kristen and I were trying to get them out of the house, as I had to get John's dinner served before he went to work, and Kristen and Jeff were going to pick up Jeff's BD bike, and the kids were thinking of every reason not to leave. I finally told them "I have to feed Papa dinner". Jaeger came up with "Are you going to feed Papa like a little baby". It was so funny at the time, that he came up with this.

The beginning of October or end of September we will be seeing our newest little Boatwright, Keaton, and Jaeger is ready to share his room with his brother.


Susan said...

Karrin, their pictures are fabulous! I can't believe Kyleigh is going to be 6! Her Africa pictures are wonderful. I haven't gotten any updates lately. I wonder if I need to sign up again.

And soon another one. Is Jaeger excited about sharing his room?

What nice spacing for their children.

Susan said...

Ooops, I went over and sent a message to Kyleigh about her kangaroo and forgot to sign it.

Is Jaeger exhibiting any of the art talent, or are his talents going in another direction?