Saturday, August 05, 2006


Long before I began quilting, I loved to do watercolors. I used to go to a night class, and our teacher would have a picture she had done that she showed us the technique and we copied it. She did a lot of florals, and while I love flowers, I always felt my floral designs left something to be desired. Yesterday my daughter Kristen called and asked if I could watch Kyleigh and Jaeger while she went to have a discussion with one of her employers. (Kristen does transcription like I do from her home). I said to bring them over. The kids got here, and Kyleigh told me Jaeger had decided they wanted to do watercolors and Play Doh. We got the watercolors out first, and while Kyleigh and I used watercolor paper, Jaeger had his Elmo color book, and proceeded to mix all his colors together and make a muddy Elmo. He soon got distracted and went off to play with Papa, and then his pirate Lego ship.

Kyleigh and I kept on watercoloring. I showed her a few techniques, like how to make bark on a tree, and how to make dramatic skies. I then showed her some of my hanging watercolors. I then got out my UFO watercolor portfolio. And I discovered my florals were not that bad. Kyleigh found one she loved. The one above.

I then found one for Jaeger, a sailboat. My original thought was to give it to John, but when I showed it to him at the time, sailor that he is, told me the sails were configured wrong, (I copied the teacher's picture) so I never gave it to him. So I gave this to Jaeger last night to hang in his room.

Then I found another floral, that was almost finished, I finished up the details last night, and am giving it to Kristen. It is really hard to see, but it has traces of purple and yellow in it that Kristen loves. It felt good to get my paints out and paint again. I found several others, that I had started in class, that just need some detail work on them, and they will be done.

Last, but not least, yesterday Kristen got notification in the mail about what the 5th of Kyleigh's entries placed in the fair. She won another 1st place and the Best of Show in her division (5 yr olds). Can't want for the award's ceremony next week. I am one proud gramma to be sure.

As the kids were leaving last night Kyleigh reminded me that I promised her orange dress (I did the embroidery on it last year for her birthday in a few weeks. Jaeger reminded me his new brother needs a quilt. Guess Gramma better get busy!


Quilts2Help said...

Yay! Comments are back! Yucky thing is gone! And your water colors are great!

Susan said...

Ooops! That was me. From a practice blog for fixing things. =)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I couldn't begin to watercolor! Joe does it; this summer he took classes and produced some lovey pieces. He's planning to frame three and give to our kids at Christmas. I'm delighted!