Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This morning, I was browsing the blogs I usually visit, when Donna from Chookyblue posted some beautiful pictures, and I wrote her and asked for her permission to use them as reference for my painting, which I plan to get back into. She asked if I had posted any of my pictures on my blog, and I had never posted any of these, and I told her I would. She graciously allowed me permission to use some of her photography.

Keep in mind I have had a few adult education classes, but I am mostly self-taught, and they are probably out of perspective. I just do it for my enjoyment and relaxation, and have not painted in awhile, but I feel I need to get back into it for my "soul", as I love it. My best watercolor, I gave to a good friend, I don't have a picture of it, and when she and her DH divorced, and she remarried, we sort of lost contact.

In 1968, when I was almost 18, I traveled for 21 days around Europe with a church group, and attended a Baptist World Youth Conference. We were in Berne, Switzerland, and I took a photograph, which I painted in oil from that photograph.

This was my 1st watercolor I did while taking an adult education class in 1977. It is still one of my favorites. This was done from looking at the instructor's sample.

I had to take these at an angle so the glass over the pictures would not glare from the flash.

This watercolor I painted from an old calendar. I did this on my own in about 1978 and I gave it to John's parents. Several years ago his mother wanted to make sure I got it back in case something happened to her.

In 1979 I painted this for my dad. I think again, it was a scene from a calendar. Several years ago when I found out he was not displaying it anymore, he gave it back to me. It is another one of my favorites.

This watercolor I painted sometime in the 80's when my girls were young. It was from a picture in the paper.

I took a water color class in 1993, the instructor would come in with something she had painted and we copied it. And this is one of the pictures I did at that time.

This was one from the same class that I painted and gave to my dad, which he gave back to me several years ago.

This was another one from the same class in 1993. I gave this to my mother, which my father returned to me after she died. I like this one too, although the flowers do not appear random, like they should have been.

Anyway that is my art, such as it is.


Chookyblue said...

WOW I may be able to take some pics you think are okay but I am dam sure I failed painting.......and drawing
these are wonderful.........love you stuff.....so now I am waiting for the first art work with the new paints......and I think my fav is the windmill.......thought it was a photo to start

daydreamstudios said...

Your paintings are amazing.

Fran said...

Karrin - all of your pictures are just beautiful. I never knew you had done painting - you are such a creative and talented gal.

Susan said...

Karrin, I never realized how many of those you painted yourself. You are so artistic! I'm in the stick figure category, and I truly admire you for painting such beautiful things. I particularly like the windmill.

Nancy said...

Karrin, I guess I had never realized that you were a painter. What beautiful work!

n, np