Monday, August 27, 2007


On Kyleigh's 7th birthday, August 17, 2007, we gathered at Leatherby's a local ice cream parlor to celebrate with family. She had her birthday celebration with her friends 2 nights later at a roller rink, and earlier that day, on August 19, 2007, we had a lunch celebration for Kyleigh's and Katie's birthday at Gramma Karrin's and Papa John's.

Gramma Karrin had been busy making doll clothes for Kyleigh's American Girl Doll, Brianna. Brianna was a gift from Gramma Karrin last year, and still a favorite. The orange dress used the same fabric from a dress Gramma Karrin made for Kyleigh last year. The white background/rainbow shirt with the jumper was from scraps of fabric that had probably been made into a dress for Aunt Katie when she was young girl. Gramma Karrin also made some special headbands, and a tote bag that incorporated a crazy patch ocean round robin.

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Susan said...

The doll clothes are adorable, Karrin! I can't even imagine sewing things that small! No wonder Kyleigh was such a happy birthday girl. I love the new artwork she's been doing.