Sunday, February 25, 2007


Our 4-year-old grandson Jaeger has long been fascinated with his Papa's sailboats, and all things pirates, has a Lego pirate ship and island at our house, and at his. As soon as he gets to ours house the pirate ship and treasure island come out. His Papa is in the midst of building a new sailboat so we can go sailing again. Papa John decided to write a poem about Jaeger the pirate, which he finished as below. Kristen read Jaeger the poem, and the last line was Jaeger's response. The bit about being a contractor was Jaeger hammering on walls, and taking the door handle to his room off with his screwdriver. Folsom is the name of the lake 7 miles from our house.

Jaeger the Pirate

I have always dreamt of being a pirate but that is just me
I have had this dream my whole life, I am only four you see.
I want to be a pirate, wild and free, and sail the deep blue sea.

I tried being a train conductor and a race car driver
I have worked with my tools, hammer and screwdriver
I found I got in trouble with my mom while being a contractor.

I know soon my Papa will hook up his boat and come for me
and he I will will sail on the great Folsom Sea.
At last I will be a pirate so wild and free, and sail the deep blue sea.

Of course, dinosaurs are as big as can be
maybe archeology would be a better job for me
But what if a dinosaur wanted to eat me.

by John P. Hurd, 2/2007


Susan said...

Great collaboration! What a special thing for him to have when he is older.

Breezey375 said...

That really is an amazingly sweet poem. Your grandson is a lucky kid.

Franie said...

Great poem--I like it! What a nice adventure for both papa and Jaeger--as seen through a child's eye. Thanks for sharing that.