Saturday, June 03, 2006


The beginning of this week was terrible. It began last weekend on my discovering the dishwasher was not operating properly. John first told me to take a look and see if the trap was clogged up (it wasn't). I discovered it went through a whole cycle with no water coming out. I looked under the kitchen sink and discovered a leak in the pipe connections. John came in and examined the dishwasher, juggled a bobbly thing on the bottom around a while and got the water going again. The kitchen pipe problem has been a problem off and on for years, and had caused the floor to sink in the middle it has been waterlogged so often. John has fixed it off and on and gotten it to stop. But this time he couldn't. He worked on it for 3 days, which is hard for him because he is a big guy and has to lay down on the floor and work overhead. It really frustrated him and made him mad this time. Finally Tuesday, he called a plumber to come out and he replaced all the pipes, and put in two traps to cut down on problems. He also fixed an outside faucet that has been leaking for years, but we had it wrapped up pretty good with duct tape, and when he took that off it sprayed water all over. It was such a relief to get those two problems taken care of.

After the kitchen sink was fixed, I broached the subject with John of putting in a new floor under the cabinet. I told him I would take the old one out myself, if he would replace it. Finally, I have an even floor, with no leaks in there.

This was how ugly it was after I ripped up the sodden particle board floor, and my new pipes.

And this is how it looks with my new floor in, topped with linoleum that matches the kitchen floor:

That was the first good thing that happened this week. The second was that got my sewing room cleaned up so I can work in there again. After having 3 weekends of company, two sets for 4 days each, I just kept tossing things and tossing things in my sewing room. It was so bad, I could barely walk around in there. But I finished it up. This is about as good as it gets. I would have to have a room about 2-3 times this size to get everything off the cabinet tops. I am thrilled. I have a place to sew, and a place to cut things. I can get to the closet again relatively easily.

This is the view with the doorway into my sewing room, the lighthouse lamp John made me, the dry sink he made me a long time ago, the quilter's
tower is on the left, that spins on a lazy daisy device, and has drawers on all four sides.

View of closet and all the drawers of fabric.

Another wall, with the cabinet that John built me and I painted in a patriotic theme, with Lady Liberty on the front.

View of my sewing space/cutting area. All the bins underneath are part of my Civil War Fabrics and the giant ones under my sewing machine are red, white and blue.

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Susan said...

I love seeing your sewing room again, Karrin. It seems as if it's been a long time since I was there!